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The Truth About the Dark Web

Want to know what's happening on the dark web?

Dark web vendors have thoroughly systematized the fraud trade: offering everything from bank drops (bank accounts) to fullz (full identities) to credit cards or music-streaming credentials.

In the industry's first data-driven, fact-based research report "Separating Fact from Fiction: The Truth about the Dark Web," Terbium Labs analyzes what's really taking place on the far corners of the Internet.

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View the on-demand webinar "The Truth about the Dark Web" to learn more about this original research with Terbium's Director of Analysis, Emily Wilson. We will explore more about our findings, including:

  • Anonymity does not mean criminality.
  • Pornography is prominent, but not all of it is illegal.
  • Drugs are a popular topic.
  • The Fraud Foible.
  • Extremism is rare.