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Disrupting the Supply Chain of Fraud in the Dark Web Data Economy

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The dark web is often discussed vaguely or inaccurately, but is a key enabler of the fraud economy, as a streamlined source of trade in payment card and personal data. On the dark web, cyber criminals have developed a "supply chain" of fraud: professionalizing the process, operating enterprises at scale, and passing their products on to the buyers in wholesale batches. Fraudsters have a range of resources at their disposal to help them maximize the value of these accounts, and the communities of cybercriminals collaboratively develop new ways to grow and automate their operations.

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Across the dark web, payment cards and various types of personal data appear for sale in hundreds of markets dedicated exclusively to trading and selling stolen data. By mapping the supply chain of fraud on the dark web, organizations can learn where to focus their risk mitigation resources and how best to assess exposure of sensitive data.

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  • How stolen PAN data is commoditized, traded, distributed, sold, and consumed
  • The economic drivers of the dark web data economy
  • How to understand opportunities to disrupt the supply chain