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Find your exposure on the dark web

Not your breach, still your problem. When customers' and employees' exposed credentials show up on the dark web in third-party breaches, this information can be used to target phishing attacks, account takeovers, and business email compromise, ultimately putting your organization at risk. Continuous monitoring and detection of any sensitive data exposure on the dark web is now a necessary component of an effective risk management program.

Matchlight by Terbium Labs works for you, and it never sleeps. It allows your team to spend more time on implementation and less time chasing down and sifting through noisy, non-specific alerts.

Interested in trying it for free? With a complimentary Matchlight Preview report, we accurately assess your exposure, giving you a snapshot of the most recent breaches that contain your organizations data, taking the first and important step toward protecting your organization.

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With Matchlight, you never have to share your data with a third-party. The Matchlight Preview report is based on the domain name associated with the corporate email address you provide. Please read and accept our Terms and Conditions, which is required to generate a report. If you're unable to give consent at this time but would still like to learn more about your organization's exposure on the dark web, please complete the form and someone on our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Matchlight can deliver actionable insights in a custom report containing:

  • Third-party data breach exposure over the last 90 days: A month-by-month view of compromised email addresses, by source and by volume, including a breakdown of which accounts are newly compromised versus which accounts have been previously exposed.
  • Accounts that are most at risk for account takeover, impersonation, or phishing: Accounts from your organization that have been compromised most repeatedly and appear most frequently on prominent dark web forums, marketplaces, and paste sites.

Leveraging automation and with a team of on-demand analysts, Matchlight continuously crawls the dark web, providing real-time intelligence, context, and scale needed to prevent fraud, mitigate risk, and ensure round-the-clock and fully private monitoring to make proactive and effective security decisions.

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