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Weathering an Insecure World

Security as a Risk Management Problem

Information security is in the midst of a major evolution.  What was a purely defensive, information technology problem is now an organization-wide risk management problem. As the industry undergoes this wholesale shift in mindset, enterprises are struggling to catch up.

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Gone are the days of installing a few defensive products to feel relatively secure in a perimeter.  Gone are the days when IT-only solutions would be understood by its investors, partners, and customers to be adequate. The sophistication of threats and the breadth of attack surfaces have increased in a way that means sensitive information is always at risk. As that realization spreads throughout the industry, it is bringing with it an understanding that defense, while necessary, is no longer sufficient.

In this white paper, learn how to:

  • Understand the shift in information security from a purely technical, IT problem to a whole-organization risk management problem.
  • Apply a risk management mindset with proactive steps to protect your critical sensitive data.
  • Manage risk in a world where defense is no longer sufficient to counter today's threats.